Legacies Season 4 Won’t Be On Netflix This Year

The CW America fantasy drama TV series, Legacies season 4 won’t premiere on Netflix this month. But the waiting period is not new either, as season 3 took quite a while to hit Netflix as well.
While CW viewers have already watched and even reviewed the fourth run of the show that premiered on October 14, Netflix watchers will have to wait till somewhere in 2022, meaning re-watching the latest season 3 episodes.

When Will Legacies Season 4 Air on Netflix?

While Legacies season 3’s premiere was delayed, eventually launching in January 2021, the latest season got back on track, premiering in October.

Since Netflix Legacies season 4 release date is based on its episode count, we predict the season to wind up in March 2022 and drop on Netflix in April 2022. This prediction applies if Legacies sticks with 16 episodes like season 3. The previous season made a 20-episode order, but it was reduced to 16 due to the pandemic.

For now, we are unsure whether season 4 will make a 16 episode or 20-episode production. So, if Legacies season 4 runs for 20 episodes, the season will likely come to a close in late April then land on Netflix in May.

Legacies Season 4 Review

So far, 79% of the audience likes the show, with 4.5-star ratings, the top critic reviews look promising as well. Cade Taylor from Tell-Tale TV quotes, “” You Have To Pick One This Time” is one of the best-ranking premieres Legacies has had in its four seasons and rightfully deserves the praise.”

Lindsay Press from Cultures says, “At this moment, Legacies gives Hope well-deserved character growth. Hope still cares immensely for London, but she will not sacrifice MG for him. By doing this, Legacies has taken an essential step forward.”

CW dropped Legacies season 4’s trailer on YouTube on 7th August. You can start with this as you wait to finally binge the latest instalments.

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