Netflix’s Mobile App Update: Easier Navigation and Upcoming Content Preview

Netflix has rolled out new enhancements to its mobile application, making it simpler for users to navigate through their saved content in the “My List” section, as reported by TechCrunch. Users can now utilize filters to categorize titles by factors such as type (movie or series), release date, alphabetical order, and the date they were added to the list.

Two particularly noteworthy filters are the “Started” and “Haven’t Started” options. These are designed for users who often save content, begin viewing it, but then don’t complete it for various reasons. With these filters, users can easily find content they’ve added to “My List” but haven’t begun watching yet, presenting all such content in one place and eliminating the need to tediously sift through the entire list.

The “My List” feature was introduced by Netflix almost a decade ago, but until now, it lacked any filtering options. Users had to manually scroll through their list to find what they were looking for. This update, therefore, is a significant enhancement for those who frequently save content for later viewing. Initially, this feature will be available on Android devices, with iOS devices expected to receive the update in the coming weeks, according to Netflix.

In addition to these changes, Netflix is introducing a “Coming Soon” section to its TV applications. This feature aims to give users a sneak peek of forthcoming content, with the option to set reminders for when these shows become available. This will ensure that upcoming content is prominently displayed, as opposed to being tucked away in the “New & Popular” section as it was previously.

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