The First Episode of Pope Francis’ Docuseries will Air on Christmas Day

Anyone who has followed Pope Francis’ papacy knows that he has often encouraged young people to learn from their elders and to remember their heritage. 

What can we expect from the series? 

The program, which is based on the pope’s 2018 book “Sharing the Wisdom of Time,” published by Loyola Press, has anecdotes from people over 70 from around the world, including the pontiff himself, as they share their life experiences with young filmmakers. “Love,” “Dreams,” “Struggle,” and “Work” are the core themes of each of the four hour-long episodes.

“Stories” is not suitable watching for children due to its sometimes serious themes. Teens and adults, on the other hand, will find it warm, uplifting, and inspiring. 

What’s going on behind the scenes? 

The series, directed by Simona Ercolani (“Dottori in Corsia”), is produced by Stand By Me, an Asacha Media Group partner, and will premiere on Netflix worldwide in 2021. 

“Wisdom comes from the aged. In “Sharing the Wisdom of Time,” Pope Francis remarked, “they are charged with a great responsibility: to transmit their life experience, their family history, the history of a community, of a nation.”

“Sharing the Wisdom of Time” by Pope Francis 

Pope Francis has long advocated for intergenerational discussion, and in 2018, he commissioned a book that communicates the perspectives of older people from around the world with today’s youth. 

The outcome is this award-winning book, Sharing the Wisdom of Time, in which elder generations’ teachings are passed down to younger generations, empowering them to enter the world of tomorrow. 

Father Antonio Spadaro edited the book, which was originally published in the United States by Loyola Press in 2018 and won multiple honors in 2019. The title earned six awards at the Catholic Press Association Book Awards in various categories, as well as at the Illumination Book Awards, Living Now Book Awards, Independent Press Awards, and Best Book Awards.

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