‘Coming Out Colton’ Comes Out on Friday, December 3

Get ready for a whole new 6-episode documentary series, Coming Out Colton, that will make its debut on December 3, featuring Colton Underwood in his journey as he comes out of the closet and the controversies surrounding his new sexual orientation.

The guy’s face may seem too familiar. That’s right! Colton Underwood starred as the 26-year-old handsome bachelor in the 23rd season of the reality TV show, The Bachelor, which premiered on January 7 2019.

Why Here Why Now?

The series comes off as shocking, given Underwood’s significant popularity from The Bachelor where he chose a girl, Cassie Randolph to settle with, and now he openly comes out as gay only a couple of years later.

But Underwood says that he hopes the series will help to make amends for choosing to star in The Bachelor in an attempt to hide the fact that he’s gay. He also hopes to address the negative publicity surrounding him after his ex-girlfriend, Randolph filed a restraining order against him in September 2020 when their relationship went downhill.

Netflix’s Love for LGBTQ+ Content

Netflix still chooses to launch Coming Out Colton despite numerous petitions to disqualify the deal over the star’s post-Bachelor controversies. An online petition was made this month with over 35,000 signatures to cancel the show due to Underwood’s uncouth stalking behavior of his ex.

However, Netflix’s director of unscripted series, Damla Dogan addressed people’s concern over the show in an email she wrote saying that Netflix trusted the show’s producers to handle Underwood’s complex story, including him showing accountability.

Coming Out Colton Trailer

Netflix released the show’s trailer on 29th November, featuring Underwood in his ups and downs during his coming out journey, with his dad, Scott Underwood as his biggest supporter.

Written by Hailey van Braam

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