Formula 1: Drive to Survive: When Will Season 4 Be Out?

With almost 100% audience popularity, fans are keenly looking forward to the next season of the highly acclaimed Netflix docuseries. And especially after last season’s controversial dramatic ending witnessing Max Verstappen scooping the championship title at the Abu Dhabi Grand Pix, we must have season 4! And we need it now!

Three seasons of this popular docuseries have sent sports popularity sky-rocketing, particularly in the U.S. With this year’s F1 campaign set to happen in March coupled with last year’s drama backdrop, the frenzy over the fourth season of Formula 1 is surely at sky-high.

When Will The Fourth Season of Formula 1: Drive to Survive Premiere on Netflix?

With the show’s creators keeping the release date of season 4 under wraps, all we can do is speculate in the meantime. Though Netflix confirmed that the show’s 4th season is underway, there is no word on an official release date yet.

Nevertheless, going by the previous season’s releases, we won’t be waiting much longer to revisit the disputed 2021 Formula 1 ending. All of the previous seasons of Formula 1: Drive to Survive have always been premiering on Netflix before the F1 campaign begins. So, going by this, we expect the docuseries to return before spring this year.

The series’ first season was released a week before the start of the 2019 F1 campaign season, while season two premiered a fortnight ahead of 2020’s F1 campaign debut.

F1 2022 campaign’s calendar has been released, with the Grand Pix falling on 20th March in Bahrain. So, we expect Netflix to launch the documentary series on the prior weekend, probably March 13.

We will inform you once Netflix confirms the release date.

Is There A Trailer for Formula 1: Drive To Survive Season 4?

Sadly, Netflix hasn’t dropped the show’s fourth season trailer yet. We’ll keep you posted once it arrives. Stay tuned!

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