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Ghostbusters: Afterlife is not on Netflix – Here’s Where to Watch it

The 2021 Ghostbusters sequel to the 1980s entrées came out on November 19 last year, and we couldn’t have been more excited. Unlike the 2016 Ghostbusters reboot featuring Melissa McCarthy among other female stars, Ghostbusters: Afterlife is set three decades after the events of the 1989 Ghostbusters.

Despite receiving some mixed reviews, the sci-fi film was widely well-received, with 62% rotten tomatoes, 95% audience score, 74% IMDb score and 4.7/5 rating on Vudu.

Where to Watch Ghostbusters Afterlife

After a brief theatrical debut late year, the movie is now available to buy on iTunes, Amazon Prime and Vudu. However, it may take some time before it is available for streaming at home.

Ghostbusters Afterlife YouTube Trailer

Sony Pictures Entertainment released the movie’s trailer quite early on December 9 2019, leaving fans keenly waiting for its premiere for almost a year.

The trailer showcases some favorite faces, including Paul Rudd who plays Gary Grooberson, a summer school science teacher, as well as the young stars Finn Wolfhard and McKenna Grace, who play Trevor Spengler and Phoebe Spengler, siblings and the grandchildren of the late Dr Egon Spengler.

Joining the cast are old iconic faces from the original Ghostbusters franchise including, Bill Murray as Dr Peter Wenkman, Dan Aykroyd as Dr Raymond “Ray” Stantz and Ernie Hudson as Dr Winston Zeddemore.

Will Ghostbusters Afterlife Air on Netflix?

Unfortunately, no. It’s unlikely that Ghostbusters will premiere on the streaming platform anytime soon. Though Netflix has signed some 2022 Sony films, since Ghostbusters: Afterlife is a 2021 film, it will not be part of the deal.

Don’t fret though, as you can buy the movie for $19.99 on Vudu and enjoy it from the comfort of your home screen.

Written by Hailey van Braam

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