Korean Drama, D.P. In The Works For Season 2 at Netflix

Netflix continues to add to its impressive list of South Korean dramas that come in all imaginable genres including, horror, romance, medical, action, drama, sci-fi, paranormal, you name it.
Fans of the crime-drama series D.P. are excited that Netflix renewed a second season of the show. Netflix Korea made the announcement on Twitter that translates to, ‘D.P. Season 2 production was ordered. Report this. Loyalty!’

What About D.P.

D.P. is a crime-drama Korean show based on the webtoon D.P. Dog Day written by Kim Bo Tony, who also co-scripted the series screenplay.

The first season of D.P. performed exceptionally well, scoring 8.3 on IMDb and 8.8 on MyDramaList. 96% of the audience liked the show, spending several weeks among the top 10 shows in several Asian countries. In South Korea specifically, D.P. ranked among the top 10 shows for 2 whole months.

Though D.P. didn’t cause much of a fuss outside Asian countries, Netflix is truly committed to K-Dramas, which is a fresh of breath air to the handful of South Korean content fans out here.

When Will D.P. Season 2 Be Out?

With full hope that we shall expect the second run of the series, fans are crossing their fingers to see the season premiere sooner than later. Considering that news of the series renewal has been announced as we round up the year, production will likely kick off early next year. That means we will probably see season 2 towards the end of 2022, give or take early 2023.

Who Will Star in D.P. Season 2?

Season 2 will see the return of several cast members including, Private Ahn Joon Ho played by Jung Hae In, Corporal Han Ho Yul played by Koo Kyo Hwan, Sergeant First Class- Park Bum Goo played by Kim Sung Kyun and Captain- Im Ji Sup played by Son Seok Koo.

Other favorite characters are Hang Jang Soo starring Shin Seung Ho, Ryu Yi Kang starring Hong Kyung and Jung Hyun Min starring Lee Jun-Young.

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