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Made in Abyss Season 2’s Surprising Premiere From 6th July

After a much frantically long wait the fandom takes a sigh of relief (phew!), as their treasured Made in Abyss returns with a new season. The joyous whippersnappers are back to dive deeper into the never-ending “Abyss” that sits in the centre of their homeland.

The trek was written, as well as illustrated by Akihito Tsukushi online in Takeshobo’s digital publication Web Comic Gamma since 2012. Now Made in Abyss spans 10 volumes, with a new season busting through this summer.

Tale of the Abyss

Made in Abyss

Image: Studio Kinema Citrus

A realm with a cavernous pit settled at its centre, named the Abyss, is home to rich and lively folk living about it. The most gallant of them dive into the layers of the “Abyss” and face hurdles unrivalled. The highest-ranking of these divers are named the White Whistles, and our journey follows the daughter of one such legend- Enter Made in Abyss!

The story depicts the life of Riko, daughter of a White Whistle (Lyza). Riko is committed on pursuing the same life as her mother. As fate would favour her, she chances upon a robot boy who she names Reg.

Reg having no reminiscence of his life makes Riko curious and hypothesizing that he came from deep within the Abyss. A letter arrives from Lyza whose whereabouts have been anonymous for many years, inviting Riko to the deepest and most formidable 7th layer.

Image: Studio Kinema Citrus

Mystical creatures, mysterious conspiracies, and well-written characters bring to life a work of art that without a doubt, falls into the category of my most treasured animes.

With each layer growing ever so fatal, how will our beloved rascals escape the deadly destiny that awaits them. Made in Abyss makes you clinch to the edge of your seat the whole journey through, so be sure to give the episodes a whirl.

Is Made in Abyss Popular?, Season 2 Release date?

Undoubtedly it is one hell of a journey, the setting changing ever so often, and the characters reflexing to every bizarre thing they may encounter leaves a humorous and joyful stress on the eyes.

MYTH & ROID’s ending theme “Endless Embrace”! Broadcast from July 6, 2022! !!

Just recently the studio announced that official broadcast of Made in Abyss Season 2 will start from 6th July! Which is sooner than most fans expected.

So hurry along with Made in Abyss Season 1, and don’t forget the movie too! We’ll give you a review of season 2 when it finishes airing so keep following us till then.

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