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Blood Lad Season 2: What are the Possibilities of its Release Date in 2022

Vampires have definitely been in season lately, and what better anime would their be to gossip about than Blood Lad. The enticing dark comedy is set in a fantasy world filled with demonic beings, though unexpectedly most of them aren’t hostile. Blood Lad, better known in Japanese as ‘Buraddo Raddo’, is written and illustrated by Yuuki Kodama. The manga started serialisation in the Young Ace Magazine on September 4, 2009. This continued on till September 3, 2016, when the manga’s eighty-fifth and final chapter released. The chapters were later on compiled into 17 Tankōbon volumes.

Its quirky nature eventually led it to be greenlit for an anime adaptation. Studio Brain’s Base animated the series, and the first episode was released in the Summer of 2013. The anime comprised of 10 episodes, receiving much praise for the visuals and the humorous appeal of the characters.

The series definitely seemed a success, with eye-catching acclaim and soaring ratings, but who could’ve guessed that nine years later there would still be no second season. Today we’ll be discussing all the updates regarding Blood Lad season 2 release date, and the possibility of it airing in 2022.

Is There Any Hope for a Blood Season 2 Release Date in 2022

Blood Lad Season 2
Source: Studio Brain’s Base

As of 2016, the manga series had sold over 2 million copies. Even more so amazing is the fact that there was a spin-off titled ‘Bloody Brat’ developed as well. Blood Lad has got it all, the numbers and the quality. Brain’s Base also did a very well job of adapting the series, but the question begs to differ, why wasn’t there a season 2 of the series if it was so good?

Simply put, though the anime had well enough ratings and praise, it couldn’t inspire the directors to make the studio pursue the project further. This eventually led the studio to pick up other projects. There is still a second theory that not enough demand could be the case, but that seems like an unlikely case.

Will Blood lad have a Season 2?

Blood Lad Season 2
Source: Blood Lad

There is no official word from the producers and directors as of yet. This leads us to believe for now that the anime has a ‘shelved’ status. Fans have been rigorously asking questions for a hopeful response but to no luck.

It is very unlikely that Blood Lad season 2 will have its release date in 2022 due to their being no statements issues by the studio.

Did Blood Lad get Cancelled?

The manga has already been completed, and it spans 17 volumes. Although as for the anime, its first season aired in 2013, and since there has been no word of a sequel. The anime hasn’t definitely been cancelled, forgotten seems more appropriate. Until any further statement is issued by the studio, we can’t expect it to be cancelled.

There still remains hope for Blood Lad to return as many other long shelved anime like Classroom of the Elite have received a second season. So hope will always remain a factor in discussing the possibility of a sequel season.

What is the Story of Blood Lad?

Staz Charlie Blood is your average hormonal teenager but there’s one thing about him, he’s rumoured to be the tyrant vampire ruler of the Demon World. Well, it turns out he’s an Otaku obsessed with anime, manga, and video games. With no interest in ruling over others or drinking blood of humans, Staz spends most of his days locked up watching Dragon Ball episodes.

As destiny would have it, Fuyumi Yanagi accidentally enters a portal tied to the Demon World. Her encounter with Staz has him excited, but a dreadful attack on Staz’s territory results in Fuyumi’s untimely death. Guess what, Fuyumi is now a spooky ghost! Staz vows to get Fuyumi’s spirit back into her body, this being a hoax for him wanting to visit the Human world and get more manga.

You’ll be adventuring with the humorous party of Staz, Fuyumi, a sorceress called Bell, and a half werewolf called Wolf? Free up your schedule as you’ll be embarking on a hearty unique trip featuring a desperate Otaku.

Blood Lad Ratings

Blood Lad Season 2
Source: Studio Brain’s Base

The anime has had an impressive run so far, achieving a rating of 7.3/10 in MyAnimeList. It was also well received on sites like IMDb with a rating of 7.1/10, and on Anime News Network with 7.4/10.

A pretty impressive haul which further makes it hard to believe there isn’t a second season of Blood Lad yet.

Should I Watch Blood Lad?

Most definitely. The plot is very unique and engaging, the comedy tends to viewers very well and the animation boosts that feeling up manifold. If you seem to be in the mood for a light hearted comedy, but with some fast paced action, and punchy visuals, this series will surely deliver on every level.

But enough from us, here’s what fans are saying about a Blood Lad season 2.

Written by Tayyab Shah

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