Munich: The Edge of War Drops on Netflix in Two Weeks

Netflix converted Robert Harris’ novel, into an original film. Here’s what you need to know about Netflix’s new spy-thriller movie.

When Will Munich: The Edge of War Premiere on Netflix?

Netflix announced on December 6 2021 that the movie would be dropping on the platform on 21 January. The caption, “Two friends. One Moment in history. An espionage thriller like no other,” heads the Twitter post.

What is The Movie About?

The upcoming Netflix original spy thriller film is set in late 1938 where Europe is on the brink of war as Hitler sets to capture Czechoslovakia for his Nazi expansion. Neville Chamberlain, Britain’s Prime Minister is desperately trying to see peaceful resolutions to the conflict to prevent a war outbreak.

German diplomat Paul von Hartmann and Hugh Legat, a British civil servant, attend the Munich conference where political conflicts threaten any sign of peace. The lives of the two members are at stake as they face danger, with the entire world watching.

Who Are The Movie’s Cast Members?

Munich’s leading roles are filled by Jeremy Irons as Neville Chamberlain, George MacKay as Hugh Legat and Jannis Niehwöhner as Paul Hartman.

Martin Wuttke plays Adolf Hitler, Sandra Hüller stars as Helen Winter, while Erin Doherty plays Pamela Legat. Lastly, we have August Diehl as Franz Sauer and Liv Lisa Fries as Lenya.

Munich – The Edge of War’s Review

The 2 hours film performed exceptionally well, with a 73% IMDb rating and a whopping 100% rotten tomatoes. The audience reviews of the movie are also promising, with the top user describing it as “brilliant, evocative, current,” coupled with a 9/10 score.

Are you stirred up to watch the film yet? I know I am!

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