Netflix Launches Tudum: Its Brand-New Content Website

Netflix continues with its ploy to take over the world bit by bit. While it’s left unchallenged that the streaming behemoth is the most viewed service, it now plans to penetrate the publishing industry with a bang!

Netflix announced the news on Twitter last night, dropping a video briefly explaining what Tudum is about, with the introductory caption, ‘Say hello to Tudum.’

What is Tudum About?

Tudum is Netflix’s all-inclusive website for updates on films, shows and stars featured in Netflix’s content. Tudum will offer a wide array of entertainment news and gossips, including bonus features, exclusive interviews and behind-the-scenes videos. Netflix describes Tudum as, “your trusted source to go behind the streams of the titles and talent that light up your screen.”

Check out the website:

You can search and get answers to anything you may have in mind concerning Netflix’s stars, shows, or movies such as, ‘How were the wigs on Bridgerton made?’ or ‘Is Money Heist’s Berlin truly dead?’

Simply access Tudum through your Netflix account, where curated content that matches your Netflix viewing status will readily be waiting for you.

Who Are Tudum’s Editorial Team?

Putting everything on the line for this project, Netflix has been recruiting crème de la crème editors from different online publications for months. Though state-of-the-art actors have been signing deals with the streaming giant over the years, not everyone has been able to match up to the requirements of the chief editor so far.

The website’s chief editor team consists of a trio. Michelle Lee, a former top editor from Allure, is in charge of editing and publishing, overseeing social media channels, podcasts and other projects. Evette Dionne, the editor-in-chief of Bitch Media, is also on board as an editorial and publishing manager, along with Krista Smith, a veteran from Vanity Fair.

Written by Hailey van Braam

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