Netflix Releases Teaser for ‘My Name,’ a K-Drama Starred by Han So Hee

The new Netflix series ‘My Name’ has a release date of October 15th, and a teaser poster has been revealed. ‘My Name’ is a work that depicts the terrible reality and revenge of Ji-Woo (Han So Hee), who infiltrates the police under a new name to discover the person who killed her father.

All About Han So Hee’s New Drama, ‘My Name’

‘My Name,’ which was eagerly anticipated as director Kim Jin-second min’s Netflix project after ‘Human Class,’ issued a teaser poster with Han So-powerful hee’s images and lifted the veil. “It’s acceptable to be a monster,” declared the teaser poster that was released. An unusual copy of “I will murder you” capture the interest of many. The teaser poster depicts a moment in which Ji-woo, who has given up everything to find and avenge the killing of her father, enters the realm of monsters on her own, attracting attention with the presence of actress Han So Hee, who has never been seen before.

Han So-hee appears to have concluded a tough battle in a dark alleyway, with a wounded face and a sharp knife in her bleeding hands, creating hopes for the transformation she will exhibit. It’s also enough to pique interest in what kind of bitter truth and drama would emerge in front of Ji-woo, who changes his name after joining a vengeful organization and infiltrates the police.

To express Ji-woo, who will go to any length for vengeance, Han So Hee’s raw action, which presented high-intensity action, Kim Jin-unique min’s directing, makes it impossible to let go of suspense in every episode, and a rich drama with colorful characters. With its high-quality action noir genre and excellent storyline, ‘My Name’ is intended to attract audiences.

‘My Name,’ directed by Kim Jin-min, is attracting interest as a new work to be presented with actors such as Han So Hee, Park Hee Soon, and Ahn Bo Hyun, and will be broadcast on Netflix on October 15th in over 190 countries around the world.

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