Netflix’s Japanese Drama Series, ‘The Journalist’ Premieres on January 2022

The Journalist is a new exciting Japanese TV adaptation of the 2019 film of the same name. If you are a fan of Fujii Michihito’s films, then you will love this one as he will be directing the series. The movie caused a great stir with the audience, challenging recent Japanese scandals and political crimes. In fact, the film scooped three prizes at the 43rd Academy Awards.

The first season of The Journalist will premiere on Netflix on January 13 2022. It consists of 10 episodes, each of them running for fifty minutes. Watch the YouTube trailer, released by Netflix on 5 November.

What’s The Journalist About?

The series’ leading character is Anna Matsuda, starring Ryôko Yonekura, a journalist working with Toto Newspaper. Her goal is to expose hiccups in civilized Japanese society.
While most Japanese reporters simply roll over to whatever the government requires of them to get better career opportunities, Matsuda refuses to conform.

Taking her career seriously, Matsuda investigates a massive cover-up by the government to write an exposé story. As Matsuda puts the pieces of the puzzle together to unravel the truth, government officials go to great extents to air false truth via the media.

Matsuda’s endless devotion moves several who consider insider intel to speak up against corruption and perverse misinformation.

Cast Members

Joining the fervent Anna Matsuda played by Yonekura, other talented Japanese actors in the series are Johanna Yukiko Haneda as Kumagai, Gô Ayano as Shinichi Murakami, Ryûsei Yokohama as Ryo Kinoshita, Shinobu Terajima as Mayumi Suzuki and Hidetaka Yoshioka as Kazuya Suzuki.

Written by Dave Cunningham

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