Netflix to Release New Episodes of ‘Shaman King’ on December 9th

Shaman King is a Japanese manga series following the story of Yoh Asakura, a young boy from a great, thousand-year-old Shaman family. Yoh is a medium and has some friendly spirit guides who join and help him on his adventures. Even though his goal is to win the Shaman Fight and become Shaman King, Yoh Asakura is a friendly, laid-back character and it’s easy to like him as you watch the show. The first part of the series, written and illustrated by Hiroyuki Takei, sees Yoh working on his shaman skills as well as training to build his physical strength and skills, and making some cool friends along the way.

The Shaman Fight only happens once every 500 years, so it’s a pretty big deal. If Yoh becomes the Shaman king he will have the power to reshape the world however he wishes, and we find ourselves rooting for Yoh, because one of the other contenders is his estranged twin brother, Hao Asakura, and of course, Hao is the evil twin. There’s always one.

The show is quite action-packed and fun to watch, with plenty of sub-plots thrown in to drive the story along. The first 13 episodes in season 1 of Shaman King came to Netflix on August 9, 2021, and new episodes are dropping on the streaming service on December 9th. These episodes are the 2nd part of season 1, and although we are not sure yet how many episodes will be released at the end of the week, all evidence points to another 13.

Written by Dave Cunningham

Raised and born in West London. Dave is currently studying BA in Psychology at CUNY Hunter College. Netflix favourites: You, Stranger Things, Ozark & Virgin River.

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