Netflix’ to Release a New Utopian Reality Show ‘New World’ on Nov 20th

Busted producer Cho-Hyo-jin, who created the one-of-a-kind Korean variety show has collaborated with co-producer Go Min-seok to release the reality show New World on Netflix that is set to be launched on Saturday.

The anticipated show stars six celebrities Kim Hee-chul, Jo Bo-ah (actress), Park Na-rae (comedian) and singers Lee Seung-gi, Kai and Eun Ji-won.

An Out-of-the-World Experience

Featuring on the island of Oedo in South Gyeongsang Province, the cast members are set to spend six days there, competing in round missions to earn a virtual currency that they can trade for money on their last day.

During Wednesday’s online press meeting, producer Cho stated, “We came up with the idea of creating an upbeat show to curb the stressful effects of COVID-19 since people were not able to travel much. We strived to create a new dimensional reality to offer a fun experience to viewers.”

“The beautiful island scenery coupled with the casts’ connection and their display of the story as it drifts back and forth reality and the virtual world will be exciting to watch.”

New World’s Virtual Reality

Go, the co-producer said that the production staff worked extra-hard to put together the utopian world for the cast to dive into the fictional aspect of the show.
He added, “We talked to all our cast members about their fantasies and incorporated their insights into Utopia. We also included banks, cafes, restaurants and shops to bring the feeling of town-living.”

Written by Hailey van Braam

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