‘The Puppet Master: Hunting the Ultimate Conman’: Netflix Release Date & Trailer

Netflix just released the trailer of its latest true crime documentary series, The Puppet Master: Hunting the Ultimate Conman today. You’ll get to watch the show in two weeks on Tuesday, January 18, when it’s added to Netflix’s platform.

Netflix had earlier announced the documentary series’ debut on September 23 2021. So far, we know that The Puppet Master is a three-part series that narrates the tale of an impertinent conman sentenced in 2005. It also touches on present implications as a family laments over their mother’s safety.

The conman known as Robert Hendy-Freegard used to disguise himself as a British MI5 agent to swindle his victims of loads of cash for fear of being killed. He managed to remain uncaught for twenty years.

Who Is Robert Hendy-Freegard?

The crime lord is a 51-year-old British man who worked as a car salesman and barman in addition to his dubious profession. He would prey his victims at the pub or the car dealership where he was working.

Freegard was convicted on June 23 2005, on account of eight deception cases, ten theft cases and two kidnappings. He was later given a life sentence on September 6 2005. Lucky for him on, April 25 2007 his life sentence was revoked after he appealed the kidnapping charges. He, however, served nine years for the other criminal charges.

Freegard (The Movie)

A movie based on this impostor MI5 agent is in the works, with filming having begun on May 31 2021. So, hopefully, we expect it to premiere anytime this year.

James Norton plays the conman while Gemma Arterton stars as the person who finally catches him. Joining these two are Edwina Findley, Julian Barratt, Marisa Abela, Sarah Goldberg, Shazad Latif, Charlotte Avery, Jimmy Akingbola, Michael Fenton Stevens, Freya Mavor, Philip Wright and Rob Malone.

As you wait for the film’s debut, enjoy the live documented happenings of this insolent unfold before your eyes.

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