This Apple TV+ show is a perfect 100 on Rotten Tomatoes

Let’s get this out of the way right away: “Acapulco” is not a “How to Be a Latin Lover” sequel series, and the Apple TV+ show’s Maximo is not the same as the movie’s Maximo. But it is, and he is, in some ways. Okay, so it probably didn’t help to clear things out, but who cares? “Acapulco” is a sweet comedy – sweet in the sense that it has a friendly tone and is fairly amazing which is why on Rotten Tomatoes, it has a perfect score from critics.

“(Acapulco is) A voyage back to the 1980s through the memories of Máximo will illustrate that even at the beautiful hotel Las Colinas, all that glitters is not gold,” according to Apple TV Plus.

However, there is a very feel-good, joyful core to the show that feels very Lasso-esque. According to Apple, “Acapulco chronicles the story of twenty-something Máximo Gallardo (Enrique Arrizon’s character), who lands the job of a lifetime as a cabana boy at Acapulco’s hottest resort.” “He quickly discovers that the work is far more difficult than he ever expected, and that in order to succeed, he must learn to negotiate a demanding customer, a temperamental mentor, and a problematic personal life without succumbing to shortcuts or temptations.”

The Season 1 finale of “Acapulco” will be available to watch on Apple TV+ on Friday.

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