6 Amazing Reasons Why Everyone is Watching Anime (And Why You Should Too)

Anime has been on the high rise these past few years and you’re probably wondering why everyone is watching anime? As the world of technology and internet services are readily available outside Japan now, it has made it easier for the anime culture to spread throughout the globe. Some even say that the anime fever is a pandemic!

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Everyone of us has watched Dragon Ball Z in his childhood, right? And we all remember that yellow haired kid running like a lunatic in Naruto. Back then we didn’t know we were watching anime, and once we grew older we just assumed what we watched were kids cartoons. Well assumption is a really dangerous thing. So if you heard about the term anime and searched it, you’ll find out that it is in fact aimed towards audiences of all ages, especially adults because are gambling animes really for kids?!

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If you’re confused about why anime seems to be the most entertaining medium of pop culture across the world right now, and are thinking to yourself why everyone is watching anime and why should I watch anime? Then take a look at some of the reasons below.

1- Mature Stories Written While Considering Adults

When a mangaka devises the plot, designs the characters, and writes the dialogue, he always takes into account his audience. The creators know that anime isn’t for kids, it’s for adults, and that the stories they want to share are of timeless themes such as dread, sorrow, adrenaline packed action, gore, and hearty adventures.

Why everyone is watching anime
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Look at Chainsaw Man, an anime about devils and devil hunters, filled with bloody battles, deaths, and R-rated dialogue, all done by the writers for the fulfilment of their different mature audiences. This definitely adds up to one reason why everyone is watching anime, and why I recommend you should you to.

2- Unique Lore

There are thousands of animes out there, and each of them is thought of for hundred thousands of hours, and only then does the creator write down a proper layout. The world is uniquely made in every anime, every city is named, every character has a reason for being somewhere, and every event is related to one another.

Why everyone is watching anime
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Gangsta and Overlord are some animes that have done that to perfection, and are responsible for why everyone is watching anime these days.

3- Characters Penned Meticulously

Characters are the pivotal when it comes to entertaining the spectator. If written blandly or if the character is just annoying, they’ll ruin the whole journey for any viewer. This is one field where animes excel in every regard. Guts, the protagonist of Berserk, is such a well written character. He has a proper backstory, a reason for his struggle, and every aspect of his existence is detailed to perfection. Relatable characters easily account for why everyone is watching anime, and why you should too.

Why everyone is watching anime
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Take a look at Naruto, he’s a punchy character right? Just his appearance was thought of for hours on end, and that proved successful as fans loved Naruto. So one of the major reasons everyone watches anime is because every character truly feels like emotions brought to life, and that helps better relate oneself to them.

4- Endless Entertainment

Every episode of an anime hits the classic 20 minute mark, and each of those 20 minutes are filled with the most vibrant colours, and joyful of moments.

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Some animes are fast-paced like Jujutsu Kaisen, while others like Monster take time to develop. Intense fights await for all those who dare to turn an anime on, and to be honest that is one thing I’ve never regretted. Timeless entertainment easily makes up for one reason why everyone is watching anime.

5- Every Story Hits Different

You must be tired of the repetitiveness in most drama serials and movies, but you’ll be glad to know that the anime industry breaks those clichés. One anime is a chill slice of life, whereas another one could be about some over-powered character that can beat foes with only a single punch!

Jujutsu Kaisen
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One such anime that has recently riled up fans is Jujutsu Kaisen.

The anime industry remains fresh and is known for bringing about weird, unique, and the most jaw dropping stories to life.

6- Tons of Episodes

Movies feel too short right? Just as they get to the good stuff they seem to end. Everyone ends up yearning for more. Animes on the other hand can run for upto 200, 300, and even 1000 episodes!

Why everyone is watching anime
Source: One-Piece| Studio Toei Animation

You’ll have so much to explore that’ll end up making you feel like a part of the world you experience. One-Piece is an anime that has been going on for more than 23 years! It has amassed more than a thousand episodes as of yet. You can find tons more of the greatest animes on MyAnimeList.

These 6 aren’t nearly enough reasons though, there are far more many remarkable factors that account for why everyone is watching anime, but these should suffice for your first binge watch.


Written by Tayyab Shah

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