Flame Hashira Rengoku’s Sword: Every Burning Detail

Throughout the centuries old struggle, the Demon Slayers have been armed with Nichirin Blades specifically designed to cut down demons. And none better has been born to wield a Nichirin Blade than the Flame Hashira, Kyojuro Rengoku. His fiery persona is timelessly matched by his intense red blade that captivates even the deadliest of demons……right before their head is severed.

In this article, we’ll break down all you need to know about Rengoku’s sword, as well as what is a Nichirin Blade in its true essence.

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Rengoku’s Sword

The blade built for the Flame Hashira appears to be made up of a red ore. Which is destiny at play, as he is a master of the Flame-Breathing stance.

The Meaning Behind His Sword

As the colour red is associated with dominance, anger, intensity, and rage, Rengoku’s sword complements his vibrantly loud personality expertly.

Besides that, “Destroyer of Demons” is engraved on the side of the sword, which shows how deadly the Flame Breathing Hashira truly is.

The Hilt of Rengoku’s Sword

Rengoku's Sword

As a symbol of his fiery heritage, Demon Slayer Kyojuro Rengoku’s sword is equipped with the emblem of an ever-lasting fire as its sword tsuba (hilt). With a red core and orange border, it certainly looks stunning.

Rengoku’s sword holds up as the perfect vessel for his fiery aura, leading to visually stunning fights as can be seen when he unleashes his Total Concentration Breathing Forms in the movie Demon Slayer: Mugen Train.

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Nichirin Blades, how are they made?

Kyojuro Rengoku Sword

It is said that this steel blade is forged from scarlet crimson iron sand and scarlet crimson ore, which can be mined from some mountains. The ores are then refined and welded into a wonderfully crafted Katana called the Nichirin Blade.

Every Hashira, as well as knowledgeable Demon Slayer, always has a custom Nichirin Blade built. Tanjiro for example is in ownership of a Black Nichirin Blade crafted by Swordsmith Master Hotaru.

Will we ever see Rengoku in action again?

Kyojuro Rengoku Sword

Sadly, if you’ve watched the movie you know that Rengoku does not survive his fateful encounter again Akaza, the Upper Moon 3.

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Though he might have died young, his ultimate sacrifice greatly contributed to the development of every member of the Demon Slayer Corps. After his passing, the hilt of Rengoku’s sword was passed on to Tanjiro, who continued to use it as his own till the end of the series.

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