Robin Robin: A Charming Animated Short on Netflix

Released on November 24th, this 30-minute holiday short is a lovely little musical film for families to watch over the holidays. Robin Robin features Christopher Robin’s Bronte Carmichael who voices Robin, Adeel Akhtar voices Dad Mouse, Magpie is voiced by Richard E. Grant, and Gillian Anderson voices Cat.

From stop-motion animation studio Aardman, executive produced by Aardman’s Executive Creative Director of development Sarah Cox, comes this charming story of a robin who is taken in and raised by a family of mice. Dad mouse and his children find Robin as an egg and, when she hatches, they adopt her into their family. She doesn’t quite fit in with the quiet mouse family, as hard as she tries she finds it very difficult to be sneaky. She wants to prove herself to her brothers and sisters, and so she plans to impress them by stealing a whole sandwich – not just crumbs.

The entire thing was animated using needle felted wool, an ambitious project involving a team of 200 animators and other crew members. They handcrafted 75 puppets including Robins, mice, magpies, cats, squirrels, frogs, hedgehogs, and woodlice. They also handcrafted a kitchen.

Ojari said, of that project:

“Every single detail in that kitchen was knitted by hand. All the spoons and all the cups, the tea pots, even the coasters. Every single thing in it was handcrafted but at a larger scale.”

Robin Robin was directed by writers and directors Dan Ojari, and Mikey Please. See what they have to say in this behind the scenes look.

Watch the Netflix Official Trailer here:

Written by Hailey van Braam

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