Paired Multiverse Anime Movies! “To the Only One Who Loved You, Me” and “To All of You That I Loved”

“To all of you that I loved” and “To the Only Who Loved Who Loved You, Me” are based on the philosophy that “from the moment we are born, we make make countless choices in our lives”. Hence Yomoji Otono wrote a story that focuses on alternative moments that could exist simultaneously. The movies are scheduled to be released on 7th October, 2022.

In a world where it is proven that people can cross into parallel universes, come two movies “To the Only One Who Loved You, Me” and “To All of You That I Loved”. According to the author both movies will impact each other in slightly noticeable ways, with the ending changing on which movie you watched first. This seems as an astonishing concept which automatically catches the attention of anyone who hears about it.

To all of you that I loved

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Both movies will have different studios and directors, which make for even more weird yet amazing expectations. You’ll find the info about both movies down below.

To All of You That I Loved

To all of you that I loved


  • This is recommended to be watched first as the other movie will show connections to this one, though you may watch in any order you choose- only sad part is that you can only witness the story for the first time once.
  • The first movie will be directed by Jun Matsumoto from BAKKEN Records.

The story follows Koyomi Takasaki in a world where it has been proven that people can move between slightly changed parallel worlds on a daily basis. Koyomi Takasaki lives with his mother, after she divorces his father. Afterwards he enters high school, where he faces a hard time making friends due to his social awkwardness, as well as him keeping to his books.

Out of the blue he is approached by his classmate, Kazume Takigawa, who reveals to him that she is originally from the 85th world, where he and she are lovers.

So what happens now between the two?

To the Only One Who Loved You, Me

To the only one who loved you, me

  • Recommended to be watched after “To All of You That I Loved”. It is directed by Kenichi Kasai, known for Bakuman, and the production company is Detective Conan’s, TMS Entertainment.

This alternate world follows Koyomi Hosaka, who lives with his father, after his parents’ divorce. This too happens in a world where people are known to swing into alternate realities.

Koyomi meets Sato Shiori at the Institute of False Quality Science where his father works. They soon have a crush on each other, but shortly after their parents marry. To be together, Koyomi and Shiori try to jump into another reality where they are no longer step siblings. What fate awaits them, I wonder?


Yomoji Otono’s try at a new type of story has inarguably left spectators wondering about this hopefully magical experience. Both movies will be released simultaneously on 7th October, 2022. Hence, one can enjoy the complete experience.

If you still want to learn more about the movies then you could read the light novels or visit the official websites. The release dates and synopsis were provided by CrunchyRoll so be sure to check them out!


In the meantime till you wait for 7th October, take a look at this underappreciated anime!






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