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Zom 100 Netflix Movie Confirmed- Just Like We Predicted

Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead just got a movie adaptation ordered by Netflix, like we said it would. If you didn’t know what went down, well then, last month rumours scurried about around different domains such as Twitter that a Zom 100 anime adaptation announcement might come in the near future. And we followed up on that news in this article- here.

So it seems that the rumours were somewhat right after all. You might’ve noticed that Summer Game Fest has been the talk of the week. It’s an event featuring the biggest and baddest gaming, tech, and anime corporations like Netflix, Sony, Microsoft among others you may already know about. Netflix had their turn with their Geeked Week livestream and that’s where they let it out that Haro Aso’s manga is getting a movie.

Bucket List of the Dead

We already covered the plot about Zom 100 and its excitingly refreshing take on a huddled up zombie genre. By that we mean the same take movie studios these days are taking on zombies; there’s an apocalypse and you need to survive! That has been the motto of such adaptations these days but finally there’s someone in town that stands up against this cliché.

Zom 100
Source: Zom 100 by Haro Aso

Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead is about Tendou Akira whose just sick of his daily corporate struggle. Underpaid and overworked is what he’s been feeling lately and all that he wants is just to find that little child inside him with all those dreams and hopes again.

Source: Zom 100 by Haro Aso

So one day as destiny would entail, he wakes up to see his landlord munching on his favourite meal- Human flesh!

On processing his situation only one after thought enters his mind, Sweeeeeet. Now he can live the way he wants, and there’s no source of toxicity or subjugation for him.

So what does Tendou do? Well he makes a bucket list!

Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead
Source: Zom 100 Manga

Zom 100 Netflix Geeked Week

Geeked Week came around and so did the reveal. Get ready for a joyous action-packed adventure with Akira and his heavy-hearted buddies. You’ll see punchy colours, vibrant characters, and humour so broken that you might crack if you’re broken too!

Source: Zom 100 by Haro Aso

In case you didn’t know, Haro Aso wrote the manga whereas the expressive work was done by Kotaro Takata. If you seem to recall the name Haro Aso that’s probably due to him being the author of Alice in Borderland, the thrilling series in which our protagonists have to compete in high stake games.

Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead has 10 volumes, with the 11th follow-up on June 17, 2022. So safe to say that if the movie does well enough we’ll be seeing a lot more of Akira. Netflix said that the movie will debut in 2023, we’ll keep you updated though in case Netflix announces a solid lead about the reveal.

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